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COMPASS is a FREE online money management tool dedicated to Military and Veteran families. COMPASS provides unique control of finances by helping our heroes and their families better manage their financial lives, either by computer or mobile on the go. Users are able to monitor spending, set budgets and establish goals, like erasing credit card debt or making major purchases like a home or car. As the first personal money manager by Veterans for Veterans, COMPASS is positioned to strengthen the nation’s defenders through financial education. COMPASS showcases security that is unprecedented in the world of non-profit assistance. Users can be confident that personal information is protected.

Compass is protected by Secure-24, a world-class provider of security solutions. Secure-24 understands that National Defense and Veteran organizations face tremendous pressure to ensure information security, reliability and compliance. Secure-24 provides tailored solutions for VeteransPlus, COMPASS and the Yellow Ribbon Network. Secure-24 is committed to our nations heroes by maintaining the highest security for applications and underlying systems infrastructure.


In the first half of 2016, VeteransPlus will re-launch the Yellow Ribbon Network (YRN), a dynamic internet-based communication system that screens and verifies background information of individuals or families seeking assistance. Technology enhancements allow confirmation that an applicant has not sought help from multiple partners for the same need or service. Ultimately, the network is about collaboration and cooperation. COMPASS will be a key component of the YRN by providing a financial solution to families that understand the need for financial management, and partners who are committed to their responsibility of financial inclusion.

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As a Veteran-founded national financial literacy non-profit, VeteransPlus is devoted to improve the quality of life of those who have worn the nation's uniform and their families by providing unparalleled solutions that focus on financial security and support in pursuing their economic goals. VeteransPlus produced COMPASS for Servicemembers and Veterans to strengthen their financial health through education and counseling.

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Veterans have unique financial challenges that impact their quality of life and financial stability. VeteransPlus, through the Yellow Ribbon Compass, partnered with Debt.com to provide financial solutions that cover a broad range of products including debt management, tax resolution and student loan consolidation services that provide value to our members but are not currently allowed under the VeteransPlus non-profit charter. VeteransPlus carefully selected Debt.com to provide options for these types of services because of its quality leadership and compassion for military and Veteran families. Debt.com’s staff consists of experienced financial experts and is a certified partner of VeteransPlus, however the advice they provide is always their own.

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